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Survival Preparedness Tips
Volume I

Survival Preparedness Tips is full of practical and field-tested ideas that will help you and your family be ready for any disaster. It is a MUST HAVE companion book for the many preparedness books that are available today.

Written for both the experienced and the novice prepper, you’re guaranteed to find ideas, tips, and suggestions that you won’t find in any other book. And it is written with frugality in mind, so the tips won’t break your budget! Most of the tips come with a shopping list at the end, so you’ll know exactly what to buy, where to buy it, and some suggestions on sizes or dimensions.

My father used to say: “If you want the job done right, do it yourself.”

I say: “If you want the job done at all, do it yourself.”

Survival Preparedness Tips will guide you through simple preparedness steps you can do easily to weather the storm. No pun intended!

Don’t get caught unprepared! Prepare today and sleep well tomorrow!



This handy book addresses the “how to” and “how much” of emergency preparedness.  For example, we all know we need to store water but this book offers practical advice on how much you need to store, the best and most cost effective containers to use, and how to decontaminate and preserve the water.  The item checklists at the end of each section are also very helpful. In addition, it offers step-by-step instructions on such things as how to turn off the gas to your house, how to switch your electrical panel over to a generator backup, or even  how to create a “sealed room” in your house.  I love this book! It is a must have for any preparedness minded “prepper.”        --- Chris Brockbank

I have several preparedness books on my shelves at home, but none of them have any of the cool ideas in this book. As I was reading through the survival tips, there were so many times I thought, “Wow, what a great idea! Why didn’t I ever think of that?” I love the “Poor-Boy” Emergency Power idea. I have already implemented that one! I am definitely glad that I was introduced to this book. Over the next few months, I plan on implementing several more of the very practical ideas that Mr. Spencer included in this book.     ---Brian Barnett

Don’t be caught unprepared!

Survival Preparedness Tips, Volume I
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