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Medicine Medical And First Aid

Building The Ultimate Preparedness
Medicine Cabinet

This book is a must for the preparedness minded nonmedical person. It is designed to help you become medically prepared in case of a catastriphic event where medical mecesseties will be in short supply. Only those who have followed the advice in this book will have what may be needed. Herein is knowledge that will save lives, possibly even yours.

What happens when the drugstores close down? What happens stores are looted? Where will you turn when medical personel are not available? Learn What? How much? And Why?

Follow the steps outlined to build the Ultimate Preparedness Medicine Cabinet. You will learn what to stockile. Become the medical resource!

␣␣␣␣Start with the personal First Aid Kit. Learn what you should consider and why.

␣␣␣␣Next build a family First Aid Kit. Discover what you should pack fo cover your family's particular needs.

␣␣␣ Now build an expandes First Aid KIt that will be of greater service in you neighborhood or in an event with lots of injured ppeople.

␣␣␣␣Use the dynamic Preparedness Medicine Cabinet checklist to build an inventory of medical supplies to handle most any emergency.

Become the "go-to" person for medical needs!

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Caught Prepared
Medical Medicine and First Aid
Building The Ultimate Preparedness Medicine Cabinet
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