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Food Storage

Food Storage
Made Easy

Building A Practical
Preparedness Pantry

Food Storage Made Easy is intended to teach you how to eliminate the questions on what and how much to store. You will learn how to take virtually any recipe and modify it for your family then how to incorporate it into your preparedness pantry with ease and accuracy.

You will find how the many charts and worksheets will help determine the appropriate needs. Follow this process and you will always have the necessary items and in the precise quantities.

Once you have completed the worksheets you will have an accurate inventory list with the calculated totals of each item that you must maintain in your preparedness pantry.  With your needs accurately determined you will now be able to build your preparedness pantry with ease and confidence!

If you are interested in emergency preparedness this book is a must!

Don’t be caught short!
Be Caught Prepared!

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Food Storage Made Easy
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