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This will be the most unique book on food storage ever made; yet it will be very complete and quite simple. We will cover many simple options for preparedness mainly in the area of food. This will be short and straight to the point and yes, Food Storage Made Easy.

First let’s talk about food!  Cooking with emergency and long-term food storage is not a difficult as it has been made out to be. This book is loaded with quick and practical methods to make it even easier. If we are talking about preparedness then we need to lay aside gourmet and focus on survival. This is not wilderness survival but survival as if there were limited on resources.  We need to be sure we know how to prepare simple foods. This should include having the facilities and tools to prepare those foods properly with ease and efficiency.  When we talk about food storage we will also need to cover ways to prepare food including the equipment as well as the product.

We must begin with the end in mind.  First you must imagine that you are using your emergency food storage for an extended period of time.  This could be due to natural calamity or manmade disaster.  It could be due to an extended period of unemployment or illness.  No matter what the reason let us first start by determining the overall needs. 
As far as your preparedness pantry is concerned, if we are talking about a year’s supply of food then that would simply be defined as:

365 days worth of breakfasts
365 days worth of lunches
365 days worth of dinners 

If you live in a small apartment, if you are limited on space or if you are just getting starting on a tight budget then your goal might be adjusted to a ninety day supply of emergency rations, then that would be defined as:

90 days worth of breakfasts
90 days worth of lunches
90 days worth of dinners 
You may want to add to that list snacks and condiments, feel free to do so as you progress. Also, if you are talking about survival and want adequate rations then you may need to skip the fancy and for that matter even eliminate over eating! We will not spend much time on medications, however you would do well to always have a 90+ day supply of medications on hand whenever possible. You should talk to your physician about this.

Let’s start with breakfast.  What is a typical breakfast?  Maybe cereal and milk?  Possibly eggs, milk and toast? Or you may be one of those people who are healthy eaters, eating such things like oatmeal or cracked wheat.  Actually if you think about it, most pastries, breads, cereal and other breakfast dishes are made of basically the same ingredients but with varied portions: eggs, milk, sweetener (sugar, honey, etc.), and grain (typically in some form of flour).  When you comprehend this piece of information you then can begin to plan a more complete preparedness menu where you can store and rotate the appropriate ingredients. 

I am going to introduce you to several breakfast choices that you can easily prepare and sample today. You should next determine if that particular breakfast item would become one of your menu choices for your preparedness pantry menus.  Once you determine the menu choices than you simply extend the volumes needed.  These results will become your storage inventory. (See Appendix C)  All of the recipes from which you will chose are simple and easy to prepare and designed for the use of the foods in your  preparedness pantry.  Food storage items should be easy to store, easy to acquire and easy to prepare.

Your emergency preparedness plan will never be complete, no matter how good it is, you will always be improving it. However there is a point where your plan is practical, functional and well established. At this point it could actually sustain you for the desired amount of time and that should be your first goal. 

This book includes many recipes that can be easily prepared from long-term storage.  Try them out and then you need to decide which recipes you will ultimately use. This leads to the next step; determining how many meals you would like to store in your long-term storage of that particular recipe.

Once you get the feel for this system introduce your own recipes to your plan then add the product totals to your preparedness program.

Now let’s have some fun!
Food Storage Made Easy
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