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In this volume we will discuss cooking in an emergency or survival situation. There is no way of knowing what emergency situation you will be up against or what your absolute preparedness kitchen needs will be. Therefore, what we must do is follow the old adage: “Prepare for the worst and hope for the best!”

First we will talk about the various fuels that you should consider as you build your preparedness kitchen. We will discuss how available the fuel is today and where to obtain it. We will review how and where to store the different fuel sources along with its life expectancy. You may even consider having in your preparedness kitchen more than one type of fuel.

Once you have made a decision on which fuel sources you will incorporate in your preparedness kitchen, you then need to decide on a cooking system that you will cook your food with. As you make this decision you will consider your specific needs such as space, portability and ease of operation. You will also consider other portability issues, such as if you will need to “bug-out” with your preparedness kitchen.  You will ask yourself; “How much and what will I need to take?”

Once you have learned the basic principals and features associated with the various cooking systems, you will be able to make an informed decision and manage your preparedness kitchen appropriately. The final decision will be yours and based on factual features and your individual needs.

You will review popular and practical cooking systems or hardware such as stoves and ovens. Once you have observed the pros and cons of each, you can make a choice that fits your need and preferred fuel source.

Finally, now that you have decided on the fuel and your heat delivery or cooking system we will discuss information such as the various support tools. There are utensils, pots, pans and specific items to maintain in your preparedness kitchen to complete your cooking needs.

You may choose to have a separate set of kitchen accessories in your preparedness kitchen or use what you presently use. No matter your choice, use the checklist in this book to build your inventory of items that will fill out your preparedness kitchen. Design a plan that will allow you to accumulate the necessary items that work with your personal needs and probable scenarios.

You will find a checklist at the back of this book to guide you in building your preparedness kitchen.

Follow this four-step plan to build your preparedness kitchen. Personalize your kitchen based on what your special needs might be. 

A Four-Step Plan To Preparedness:

1. Get Educated. Study your various options and learn what to do before the emergency arises.

2. Make a plan. Design a plan for you and your family keeping in mind individual needs and possible circumstances that you may encounter.

3. Prepare your preparedness kitchen. This should include adequate fuels, stoves and/or ovens that fit your plan. It should also include the kitchen accessories and sundries for your survival preparedness based on your plan.

4. Finally, practice your skills. Practice does make perfect! Practice makes you comfortable! Practice gives you peace of mind! Make opportunity to practice your emergency cooking skills. Practice at home, in the park or out camping. Even though you may be having fun or may be vacationing, it is a good time to practice and develop these skills in a non-stressed situation.

Preparedness should be a way of life. One need not be paranoid to be prepared, just cautious, insightful and prudent. Not fanatical but thoughtful. The right amount of preparation today will not only give you peace of mind but it could someday save your life and the lives of your loved ones.

The bottom line to all this preparedness is to make you feel secure in the event you are faced with a crisis situation. It is to provide you with the tools to safely navigate the storms that will come your way be it weather, environment, catastrophe or even man-made. Only you will know when you have reached the level of preparedness that fits your needs. Prepare with this goal in mind.

The recipes that you find in this book can be used with any of the cooking systems discussed in this book. The most important thing that you can do in your preparedness kitchen is practice and try out your recipes using your chosen cooking system.

The very most important step to take is to start today and just keep moving forward!



Survival Of The Fittest
Survival Preparedness Tips Volume II
Cooking In An Emergency

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